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[21 May 2010|11:17pm]
Hey everyone,

This is probably a shot in the dark but I have one ticket to the Coheed and Cambria show at the 9:30 Club in D.C. on May 27th.

I'm selling it for $30 bucks (cost $45) so if anyone is interested, comment or PM me at Knbrandenburg@gmail.com.

devil in jersey city

[04 Mar 2010|09:34am]

if you don't follow already, here you go!

http://fuckyeahclaudiosanchez.tumblr.com : i own and update almost daily
http://fuckyeahcoheedandcambria.tumblr.com : i co-mod and update often

we constantly keep up with twitter & updates & countdowns!

A Juggernaut is being dropped on us today.

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Teaser [04 Mar 2010|03:57am]

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year of the black rainbow teaser video [01 Feb 2010|01:53pm]


updated info!!!Collapse )

!!! source source 2
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First official YOBR advert [16 Dec 2009|05:25pm]
from coheeds twitter.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Coheed and Cambria's new album title released [07 Dec 2009|02:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

since cobalt and calcium couldn't handle the traffic for the big announcement, they posted this lovely early christmas present for us!

Hey Everybody,

Happy Holidays and all that. We know you have been waiting patiently for Coheed info for 2010, so we hope this fills your hunger for now:

Our new album will be titled, “Year of the Black Rainbow,” and is set for release in April 2010 and will be followed by a headline tour of the US, and then on to Europe and the UK for festivals and such.

As most of you know, the new album will be the “Origin Story” or “The Prequel,” and likely the final story of the ongoing concept story of “The Amory Wars”

With “Year of the Black Rainbow,” we will be releasing a deluxe package that includes a NOVEL OF THE SAME NAME. Not a graphic novel, but a full 300+page prose novel, which will tell the origins of Coheed and Cambria, and much more. There will be no mystery to this story, you will be able to explore it like never before. Presales will start near the end of December, exact date and pricing to be announced soon.

Producing this record is:
Atticus Ross http://www.ninwiki.com/Atticus_Ross
And Joe Baressi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Barresi

They have helped us evolve our sound to be more powerful and dynamic than ever and we think it’s definitely our best work to date.
Some song titles are: “Here We are Juggernaut,” “The Broken,” “Pearl of the Stars,” and “Guns of Summer.”

Co-writing the book with Claudio is Peter David http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_David

The album will be released through Columbia Records/Sony in North America. For the rest of the world, Sony has licensed the rights to Roadrunner Records, who we feel will better make our music available in those territories, and opening up the potential for us to come to countries we rarely or never have been to before. We are very excited.

Can’t wait til you can experience it.
Peace, Co&Ca



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[07 Nov 2009|05:27pm]

I'm selling some rare Coheed and Cambria stuff on ebay right now!

Check it out!


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Rare poster for sale [05 Jul 2009|12:33pm]


No idea how much this could sell for so it's kind of a random big number. This is the poster with the picture of a robot holding a head in a jar saying "...My robot will never die..." and "...I robot, will never die", from the Feb 13, 2003 show at the Troubadour in Hollywood, CA. You used to be able to see these guys for $10! This came from a Guitar World magazine so it's about 10.5"x15". Feel free to bid, or tell me I'm crazy, whatever. I'm dead broke and hate selling my collectible stuff but oh well.

I also have a copy of the first comic book from the first print run, before it was labeled with the Evil Ink stamp, also very rare. Also have Good Apollo Vol 1 signed by the whole band and The Amory Wars signed by Claudio. Any interest?
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Live in Norway [05 Apr 2009|11:57am]


Coheed and Cambria - Live in Norway


i'm having trouble uping Voodoo and Reeperbahn so if anyone is reading this and they have it, it would be nice if you could do that for some of the other fans on here. thanks.
devil in jersey city

Your Eyes REALLY tell the stories [03 Apr 2009|09:12pm]


alright guys and grrls, here is the AMORY WARS ACOUSTIC collection updated w/ working link.

Disc One

1. Wake Up
2. Cuts Marked in the March of Men [Original Acoustic Demo]
3. The Crowing [OAD]
4. Blood Red Summer [OAD]
5. Faint of Hearts [OAD]
6. Al the Killer [OAD]
7. The Light & The Glass [OAD]
8. A Favor House Atlantic [OAD]
9. Always & Never [OAD]
10. Welcome Home [OAD]
11. The Final Cut
12. Everything Evil
13. A Favor House Atlantic
14. Feathers

Disc Two

1. Junesong Provision [OAD]
2. The Suffering [OAD}
3. From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness [OAD]
4. The Running Free [Acoustic Session]
5. Mother Superior [Live Acoustic]
6. Sister Christian
7. Feathers
8. The Running Free
9. IRO-Bot
10. Welcome Home
11. Godsend Conspirator [Live Acoustic]
12. Time Consumer [Live Ac.]
13. The Running Free
14. Welcome Home
15. Kitchen Jam

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I LOVE THIS FREAKIN BAND [25 Mar 2009|07:32pm]

I fell in love with this band in high school when I was a Sophomore. My friend James was a die hard friend at the time and still is. I asked him for something good to listen to because I wanted to broaden my music base, so he let me listen to Coheed I've been in love with since. I own every Cd!!!!!!!
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Your Eyes Tell the Stories [10 Mar 2009|01:38pm]


hello everyone...you may have seen my posts under newosfeathers but i forgot my password and all that jazz.

well, i just wanted ro repost some links that everyone should get.

Voodoo Festival - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0SFSDOAM

Reeperbahn - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=38KCNPZC

Amory Wars Acoustic (24 acoustic tracks) - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J2E8MSXT

the first two are soundboard quality concerts. just b/c i love you.

the last is an acoustic set. i took the time to scrounge up some really great acoustic stuff and not just the original demos from In Keeping that everyone has. There's a The Light & The Glass acoustic demo that took me for ever to find as well as a great acoustic Everything Evil and I have no clue where it was recorded or what for.

i've actually updated the set on my computer to include Kitchen Jam, and the tracks from Rhapsody Orignals: Coheed and Cambria EP. That one has an interesting A Favour House Atlantic. Yet, you guys can just find those tracks yoselves. The tracklisting for these collections are posted a couple pages back. I just wanted you guys to realize they were still there if anyone wanted them.

cobalt and calcium goers please post and tell me your name on the site. love to chat some time.

p.s. i'll look out for more soundboard quality concerts, please do the same and share

p.p.s. i'm excited for the Neverender box set
3 devil in jersey city

like jesus, played martyr. [24 Feb 2009|05:42pm]

i was gonna reply to comments but might aswell repost :]
thank for the comments though
but yea, the show on saturday was a dissapointment for me sorta, coheed and slipknot should never again play together, specially if coheed is right before slipknot for a number of reasons.

1. coca fans and slipknot crowds dont mix U.U they just dont. right when trivium was done playing, all the trivium fans leaving the crowd cause coheed was next were all there being little bitches saying coheed sucks and what not as they were passing by, i told one to fuck himself. the crowd was dead when coheed was playing and all the slipknot assholes trying to get to the front while coheed was playing were fucking it up.

2. if slipknot is playing after coca, coca has to play heavy stuff, which is probably the reason they only played like 6 songs and that is also probably the reason they played Al the killer. Al the killer is a fucking nice song and i was like WTF theyre playing al the killer, but i guess cause its a kinda heavy song. they cant play the light and the glass or something like mother superior right before slipknot playing.

3. slipknot has too much music to play, i love slipknot, i know their music just as good as i know coheed so this was a fucking kickass show for me but im not going to another coheed show if theyre not headlining. i dont wanna pay 40 bucks to see them play 6 songs, wtf.

last time i saw coheed was in san antonio, tx back in august of 08 @ the white rabbit, the show was the best show ever, small place, it was packed 300 people over capacity. kickass show, i was stoned and they played sooo many songs and came back like 3 times for an encore, wtf? i came thrice, i loved it. best show ever U.U

ive yet to see them play 21:13 ='[ /sigh
6 devil in jersey city

coheed opening for slipknot? [19 Feb 2009|05:58pm]

aahh some coheed this saturday 21st :] corpus cristi, tx.
for the second time
but what i find completely crazy is the fact that theyre playing with slipknot!?
slipknot and coheed together?! who the fuck else is playing? pussycat dolls and p diddy? haha
i sure hope trivium plays inbetween for atleast a slight transition lol

im not really surprised slipknot is playing with coheed though
slipknot has soldout so bad its sad
i love slipknot but theyve changed so much i dont care if i dont see them i just wanna see coheed :D trivium is meh :/ me and a few friends covered their music so i got so tired of them.
5 devil in jersey city

New member! [08 Feb 2009|07:32pm]

Hey I just joined up, because I love this band.

I originally got into them when I bought my PSP, because Blood Red Summer was one of the music videos on the demo disc.  I then heard the song "The suffering" on the radio, and loved it.

That christams I got "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Vol. !:From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness"  To be completely honest, I didn't like it at first.  It was a little too emo for me a tthe time (Now emo is all I listen to, Imagine that)

Anyway my brother los tthe CD and I didn't think much about them until one of my friends mentioned them last year.  I then decided tog et back into them.

And I did.  My friends gave me "No World for Tomorrow" for christmas, adn with my christmas money, I went to Barnes & Noble and bought their entire discography.  While listening to the Albums, I put a lot of effort into researching the back story to their music.

Now, they're one of my favorite bands, adn I can't wait for the next album to come out... although I don't know exactly when it does.

I also still have to get the Neverender Boxed Set...
1 devil in jersey city

wow looks like its been a while [08 Feb 2009|02:46am]

[ mood | co&ca :] ]

so i decided to give no world for tomorrow a good listen and went ahead and bought it used at hastings. it came with the dvd and such for like $13. sweet deal. and its actually pretty good. better than good apollo fer sure. but their sound continues to change and /le sigh -_- i really miss josh eppard's bimbles and bangles. they couldve really gone without a few little details though but im sure every song sounds the way it does for a reason. i guess im still stuck in sstb eh?

mother superior is a modern classic imo
kudos kudos

4 devil in jersey city

Neverender Release [15 Dec 2008|04:52pm]

Neverender - Children of the Fence Limited Edition CD/DVD Box Set Release is 3 March 2009

Pre-orders are open now!

First 3000 to get in get their names in the Children of the Fence section of the book.

9 devil in jersey city

Coheed/Slipknot? [05 Dec 2008|11:30am]

The presale was this morning, if I'm not too mistaken....Any takers?

I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm not a terribly big Slipknot fan, and I can't justify fifty bucks to watch Coheed play for 45 minutes.

I think it would be a different story if the 'Heed was headlining, or if I could tolerate Slipknot for more than one song.

Also, would someone be willing to throw together a new layout for the community? I know we've got a couple pretty awesome graphic designers/layout whizzes. If you'd like to make some icons, that'd be fine too.
If you're interested, please reply. I'd like to get something new up by the beginning of January. If there are multiple entries, maybe we can have a contest, and other members can vote for their favorites. The winner will get some LJ goodies, courtesy of yours truly. Icons, paid account time, whatever.
6 devil in jersey city

[25 Nov 2008|01:19pm]

Dear friends,

In an effort to continue challenging ourselves both musically and artistically, we are delighted to tell you that we are confirmed as direct support to the Grammy award winning rock monsters, Slipknot, for a 33-date tour.

tour datesCollapse )

Will be at 02/13/09 in Baltimore. 8)

Also lulz at it being with Slipknot. This will be the strangest combination of fans ever.
8 devil in jersey city

Neverender la - 4 nighters/vips [06 Nov 2008|03:47am]

Let's be friends!
How early do you show up to get in line?
What do you do to kill time?
Would you like 3 more awesome people to kill time with while waiting in line?
Are you of legal drinking age? How do you feel about discreet drinking in public?
What did you think of tonight's opener?

C'mon, I know you guys are out there!
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